Mission & Committees


The American Institute of Architects, New Orleans (AIANO) seeks to promote
excellence in the practice of architecture, with a particular focus on sustainability and
equity, and to ensure that all in the community value architecture as essential to the
quality of life in New Orleans.


Advocacy Committee


  • Advocacy is an integral part of our mission – to promote architects and architecture in
    New Orleans through legislative action at the National, State and local levels.
  • AIA New Orleans’ Advocacy Committee focuses on three core areas: representing
    members in professional matters within our local community; forwarding AIA
    National’s advocacy agenda; and helping architects contribute to our city’s
    quality of life.

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours per month


  • Meeting with City of New Orleans officials
  • Outreach to firms, organizations, and the public regarding city-wide concerns (stormwater management, building/safety codes, zoning restrictions, etc.)
  • Organizing town halls with public officials 
  • Disseminating legislation for our architect membership
  • Expand our influence with local governments; promote AIA architects as experts
  • Foster partnerships and engage with the broader community
  • Monitor relevant local and national policy; engage the media

Programming / Events:

  • Town Hall
  • Policy Statement (annual focus)
  • Environmental focus needs to be defined
  • Affordable Housing
  • Municipality – President shall establish relationship with Mayor

To join, please contact the Advocacy Chair

Chris Johnson


Beaux Arts Ball Committee (BAB)


  • Create an annual fundraising event that highlights artistry in design
  • Engage AIA members, Professional Affiliate Members, community artists, and nonprofit organizations in a collaborative artistic endeavor
  • Recognize contributions from honorary attendees

Time Committment: 8-12+ hours per month


  • Weekly meetings
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, AIA Calendar)
  • Event planning, artist, and honorary attendee outreach
  • VIP party and after-party planning
  • Acquiring sponsorships
  • Coordinating with event manager


  • Annual event
  • Pre-event head dress design evening

To join, please contact the Beaux Arts Ball Chair

Amanda Rivera


Bowling Tournament Committee


  • To create an annual bowling fundraiser benefitting AIA New Orleans
  • To increase cooperation/collaboration within the AEC community

Time Commitment: 4+ hours per month


  • Monthly meetings
  • Acquiring sponsorships
  • Brainstorming theme ideas
  • Choosing venue, theme, tournament rules, date and time, etc.
  • Coordinating with event manager


  • Annual bowling tournament
  • Bowling trophy decorating night

To join, please contact the Bowling Committee Chair

Curtis Laub


Brew & ‘Cue Cook-Off/ Cornhole Tournament Committee


  • To create an annual cooking Summer fundraiser
  • To provide a Summer family-friendly outdoor social gathering

Time Commitment: 5+ hours per month


  • Bi-weekly meetings
  • Acquiring sponsorship
  • Enlisting cooking teams
  • Determining dates, venue, theme, etc.
  • Coordinating with event manager


  • Annual fundraiser
  • Cornhole Tournament

To join, please contact the Brew & ‘Cue Committee Chair

Mark Heck


Committee on the Environment (COTE)


  • Create a peer-to-peer network for shared knowledge on energy efficiency, sustainability, and reduced carbon emissions in design.
  • Encourage local AIA Membership firms to sign up for the AIA 2030 Commitment.
  • Assist current, local AIA 2030 signatories to start or continue reporting to the DDx.
  • Provide resources to make the goals of the 2030 Commitment accessible to firms of all sizes.
  • Host 2023 RISING Symposium for Climate and Equity to encourage cross-disciplinary discussion and teaming. See last year’s event information here:  https://2030.aianeworleans.org/

Time Commitment: 2-8+ hours a month, depending on tasks and engagement


  • Monthly meeting
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, AIA calendar)
  • Event planning and speaker outreach
  • Happy hour scheduling/outreach
  • Mentoring/peer networks (we are looking for more mentors) with a task force to plan format
  • Acquire sponsorships
  • Coordinate with event manager

Programming / Events:

  • Monthly discussions
  • Social sign-up events
  • Annual Rising Symposium

To join, please contact a COTE co-chairs

Samantha Johnson or Mike Johnson

SamanthaJ@NANOLLC.net or MJohnson@EskewDumezRipple.com

Design Awards Committee (DA)


  • Organizes the annual AIA New Orleans Design Awards Program and supports the production of the affiliated awards ceremony and party. 
  • Each year, a distinguished jury of design thought leaders and prominent practitioners presents the awards to projects submitted by local architecture, interiors and landscape firms. The Design Awards recognize excellence in architecture and design as submitted by AIA members for projects either in the New Orleans area or designed by members of AIA New chapter regardless of project location.

Time Commitment: 4-8+ hours per month


  • Coordinate and plan annual Design Awards Gala in conjunction with AIA New Orleans
  • Plan Patron and After-Party
  • Attend weekly meetings to monitor progress 
  • Attend annual gala
  • Choose jury chair outside Greater New Orleans area for jury selection
  • Acquire sponsorships
  • Coordinate with event manager
Terri Dreyer, DA Chair

Programming / Events:

  • Annual Design Awards Gala
  • Patron Party
  • After-Party
  • Design Awards Exhibition

To join, please contact

Ty Siddiqui (AIANO Administrative/Ops Coordinator)


Design Practice Exchange (DPx)


  • Design + Practice Exchange (DPE) is a symposium of compelling conversations and design presentations, centering the voices of women in architecture.
  • This program seeks to advance and promote women leaders of all racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds in architecture and the allied design/building industries.​Architects, designers and policy makers from various cities collaborate to provide perspective and context across communities.

Time Commitment: 3+ hours per month


  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Coordinate and plan annual symposium in conjunction with AIA New Orleans
  • Solicit sponsorship opportunities

Programming / Events:

  • Annual Design Practice Exchange Symposium

Associated Task Force:

  • Women in Architecture

To join, please contact the WIA Co-Chairs

Emilie Taylor Welty and Hannah Hubbell


Emerging Professionals/Young Architects Forum Committee (EP/YAF)


  • By promoting excellence, providing information and leadership, fostering inclusiveness, and encouraging individual, community, and professional development, the EP Committee will strive to serve: architecture students, design professionals, and young architects licensed less than 10 years, with the mission of integrating them to the profession as a strong voice within the Institute.

Time Commitment: 2 hours per month


  • Attend bi-monthly meetings
  • Coordinate educational seminars and Lunch & Learns
  • Provide network of peers for collaboration and information-sharing
  • Apply for yearly College of Fellows grant
  • Coordinate and host Emerging Professionals Symposium in the Fall
  • Network with fellows and other established architects to provide mentorship
  • Coordinate mentorship dinners
  • Coordinate ARE Study Groups


  • Lunch & Learns
  • Symposia
  • ARE Q&A/Study Group Meeting
  • YAF + FAIA Mentorship Dinner
  • AIAS + YAF Mentorship Dinner
  • EP Scholarship

Associated Task Force(s):

  • Emerging Professional Scholarship
  • ARE Study Groups

To join, please contact either the YAF Director or Associate Member Director

Regina Davis or Hannah Kenyon

RDavis@TrapolinPeer.com or HKenyon@EskewDumezRipple.com

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee/Mentorship Program (EDI)


  • To create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive design community in New Orleans at the individual, firm, and public levels.
  • To create a new AIA New Orleans EDI Mentorship Program and improve diversity in our industry, which includes pairing local female and minority college students with an AIA New Orleans mentor. 
  • To explore practices that foster diversity, equality and inclusion in the architecture our region’s profession. The committee’s work is guided by the AIA National’s Guides for Equitable Practice.

Time Commitment: 5+ hours per month


  • Engage the female/minority student architect community regarding their education and emergence into the industry
  • Host educational roundtable series to increase their knowledge base and make them more marketable
  • Pair architect students with willing mentors in the AIA New Orleans community
  • Provide a evaluative lens through which AIA board decisions can be viewed
  • Collaborate with other AIA New Orleans committees (especially Advocacy) to ensure that new initiatives are equitable, inclusive, and committees are comprised of diverse professionals.


  • Campus visits
  • Mentorship mixers
  • Educational seminars

To join, please contact an EDI Co-Chair

Mike Ballard or Lexi Tengco

MBallard@Firmora.com or Lexi.Tengco@Multi.Studio

Finance Committee (Internal, by invitation only)


  • To provide financial oversight for AIA New Orleans
  • To seek out sustainable, new sources of funding
  • To diversify existing funding sources
  • To manage grants and loans
  • To ensure expenditures are within the wheelhouse of AIA National’s charter and AIA New Orleans’ bylaws

Time Committment: 2-4 hours per month


  • Reviewing budget spreadsheets
  • Researching grant opportunities
  • Meeting once per month


  • None

Finance Committee Chair

Hannah Hubbell


Golf Tournament Committee


  • To create a golf tournament open to the AEC New Orleans community
  • To provide a profitable Fall fundraiser for AIA New Orleans
  • To provide a networking space for industry professionals in an outdoor setting

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per month


  • Selecting date, venue
  • Acquiring sponsors
  • Determining on-course hospitality
  • Signing up golf teams
  • Community outreach
  • Coordinating with the event manager
  • Soliciting raffle prizes and in-kind donations


  • Annual Golf Tournament

To join, contact the Golf Tournament Co-Chair

Blake Bergeron


Governance Committee (Internal, by invitation only)


  • Review all policies of the AIANO Board and the AIANO Bylaws at appropriate intervals
  • Assembles a slate/s of candidates for each office and directorship of the AIANO component as needed
  • Provides oversight of component governing documents, exempt status, and operations

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month


  • Coordinate and facilitate changes to bylaws
  • View programming through EDI lens
  • Champion Board of Directors and committees to align with Strategic Plan


  • Annual Membership Meeting

The Governance Committee is not currently chaired.

Please email Ty@AIANewOrleans.org if you are interested in joining/chairing this committee.

Industry Holiday Party Committee


  • Organizes and promotes the AIA New Orleans Annual Holiday Party, in conjunction with other A/E/C organizations

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per month


  • Provide professional networking opportunities
  • Attend Holiday Party
  • Attend committee meetings
  • Acquire sponsorships


  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Pre-party decorating night

The Industry Holiday Party Committee is not currently chaired.

Please email Ty@AIANewOrleans.org if you are interested in joining/chairing this committee.

Small Firm Exchange (SFx)


  • To advance the mutual interests of architects practicing in small firms
  • To advocate and promote the value of small firms, the national SFx, and local SFx groups, both within the AIA and to the public
  • To curate and distribute useful resources and information that benefit small and single-practitioner firms

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours every other month


  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Provide professional networking opportunities
  • Coordinate monthly exchange for all small firm members


  • Social mixers
  • Educational roundtables
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Petra Kucha nights

To join, contact an SFx Co-Chair

Calla Bardwell or Calvin Gallion

CallaB@StudioRiseDesign.com or CalvinG@StudioRiseDesign.com

Women in Architecture Committee (WIA)


  • Promoting women leaders within the architecture profession and the allied design and building industries with a focus on mentorship, licensure, and professional development
  • Organizing one large event each quarter (focused on our principals of either professional development, community engagement, networking, etc.)
  • Holding our annual mentor dinner

Time Commitment: Varies between smaller events (3-4 hours per month) and larger events (10+ hours per month), depending on the subcommittee


  • Provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, licensure, and professional development
  • Create opportunities for women in New Orleans to connect and discuss career development and what it means to be a woman in architecture, design, and/or allied professions.
  • Solicit sponsorships
  • Organize annual mentor dinner and educational series


  • Annual mentor dinner
  • Educational series
  • Mixers

To join, please contact a WIA Co-Chair

Emilie Taylor Welty or Hannah Hubbell

email wia.neworleans@gmail.com